"I wanna hug you<3 / I wanna be hugged!" is the 2nd chapter of Gakuen Babysitters.

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The children meet and befriend Inomata, one of Ryuuichi's classmates.

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Ryuuichi is woken up by Kotarou who clings to his chest after he has sat up. Interrupting him in the middle of remembering they are no longer in their family's old apartment, Youko bursts into the room and demands Ryuuichi get ready to leave for school. Saikawa then enters the room with their bentos in hand and informs them that he will personally prepare their meals every day. Youko provides Ryuuichi with a school uniform, and the boys prepare for school.

At school, Ryuuichi chats with Usaida about the chairman's generosity while Kotarou heads off with the children. Ryuuichi leaves the daycare and starts to worry after realizing all the students are staring at him down the hallways, only to bump into Kamitani and be informed that the children had followed him from the daycare. Kamitani confronts his brother for dragging the rest of the kids into the mess, which causes him to bump into Inomata as he ran away in fear. Inomata tells Ryuuichi to stop messing around which causes the children to cry as she walks away, Inomata then runs into Shizuka who tells her to lighten up and asks her to deliver her son's bento.

Ryuuichi and Kamitani arrive back at the daycare with the children to discover Usaida asleep on the floor. Clearly angered, Kamitani strikes Usaida awake and scolds him for neglecting his duties. Inomata then arrives to deliver the bento, as she begins to make her exit, Usaida claims to feel sick and drags Kamitani with him to the nurse's office, leaving Ryuuichi and Inomata to watch over the kids. Initially, the children keep their distance from Inomata as they're still fearful but they eventually warm up and play with her. Usaida and Kamitani then return from the nurse's office and the discover Inomata taking a nap with the children. The chapter ends with Inomata waking up embarrassed and concerned over skipping class.

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