"Those tiny hands are warmer than any earmuffs" is 4th chapter of Gakuen Babysitters.


The kids prepare to put on a play for their parents at the daycare.

Long Summary

Ryuu walks into the clubroom to discover Usaida putting bows in the children's hair.

Ryuu informs Kirin that her mother is working hard on the play, and offers the idea that the kids put on their own play for their parents. The kids energetically agree and Ryuu begins to distribute the roles.

Hayato arrives at the club room and agrees to help with the play, as does Inomata. After rehearsing for a while, Ryuu gives the children supplies to create invitations to invite their parents.

Ryuu, Kotaro and Kirin arrive home and begin to work on their invitations. Kirin goes to sleep and, not wanting to upset Kotaro, Ryuu stays up with his brother to wait for the chairwoman and invite her in person, but both end up falling asleep waiting for her. The chairwoman ultimately reveals that she approves of the idea of putting on a play, but informs Ryuu that she won't be able to attend due to scheduling conflicts. When Kotaro wakes up, Ryuu lies to him, saying that he gave the chairwoman the invite and is sure she will show.

Throughout the following week, the children work hard rehearsing and preparing. The day of the play, Kotaro finds the hidden invitation in Ryuu's bag, but the chairwoman arrives and accepts the invite from him. Pretending to feel reluctant, she makes Saikawa rearrange her appointment with the drama society so she can watch the play.

The children, Ryuu, Inomata, Hayato, Usaida and Shizuka watch the drama department's play at the festival.

The children perform their own play, improvising and changing it to the story of the "Momotaro Rangers". Yayoi praises Kirin and the chairwoman praises Ryuu, though her good mood is ruined when Kotaro calls her "fluffy".

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