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It is the sports festival at Morinomiya Academy, and Ryuuichi feels pressured to win first place in at least one event so the children watching aren't disappointed.

Long Summary

The children from the daycare center participate in a running race in Morinomiya Academy's sports festival. Usaida, carrying Midori on his back, fires the starting gun, and Takuma immediately drags Kazuma to chase after a cat. The announcer asks why the principal's grandson, Kotaro, has not moved. Ryuu encourages Kotaro to run, but Kotaro runs towards his brother. Taka is about to win when he trips and falls, allowing Kirin to snag first place. Taka starts crying and runs all the way back to Ryuu. The announcer dotes on his cuteness and asks whether Hayato was just as adorable when he was younger, and the crowd giggles at Hayato, who is embarrassed. Kirin proudly runs to her mother while Taizo calls for first aid for Taka. Ryuu tells Taka to watch the 100-meter race that his brother is participating in. Hayato easily outruns everyone and wins first place. Kotaro looks at Ryuu with sparkling eyes, asking if he will get first place. Ryuu feels pressured but says he will try his best.

Ryuu has signed up for the three-legged race, and his partner is Ushimaru, who is extremely nervous. The children cheer Ryuu on, which puts pressure on both Ryuu and Ushimaru. The moment the race starts, the two trip, and the children look disappointed. However, they keep tripping, which puts them in last place. The children are all disappointed, which makes Ushimaru feel bad. In the bread-eating race, Ryuu places last because the children distract him since they also want to eat bread. He loses in the tug-of-war as well. His team wins the pole-toppling, but Hayato is the one to topple the pole while Ryuu did not shine much. Inomata comes to administer some first-aid to Ryuu's arm. Ryuu asks about Ushimaru since she fell quite often. Inomata replies that she is alright, but feels depressed. She also notes that Ryuu does not seem like the person who cares about winning, but Ryuu refutes this, thinking about wanting to impress the children.

For the last event of the day, participants in the relay race will carry something that represents them on their backs. Hayato carries Taka while Ryuu carries Kotaro. Hayato and Ryuu's team starts off slowly, but Hayato runs quickly enough to catch up with the other runners. He sprints so quickly that Taka starts bawling. Once it is Ryuu's turn, he runs while holding onto Kotaro and manages to place first place. He is quite tired at the end of the race, but Kotaro's eyes sparkle, happily saying that Ryuu is in first.

The red team, the team that Hayato and Ryuu are on, does not win the competition. Hayato resolves to win the next year, while Ryuu thinks that it is nice to not have disappointed his brother in the end.

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