"Is he carrying or being carried?" is the 8th chapter of Gakuen Babysitters.

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The chapter begins with Ryuuichi trying to post a flyer for the babysitters club, onto the bulletin board. He returns to the daycare and is welcomed by the children jumping onto him, a paper falls down and it is revealed to be the flyer which he failed to post on the bulletin.

Usaida notices the flyer and suggests that the children take a tour of the clubs at the school during their daily walk.

The next scene begins showing the children marching towards the drama club door, and Kirin is seen opening the door to greet her mother. She startles the kids with her appearance as a shrine maiden, and speaks to Ryuuichi, trying to convince him to join the drama team.  

After their brief discussion, Kotaru pulls on Ryuuichi's leg to notify him that the children have run off. Usaida, who appears with a face full of stage makeup, leaves with Ryuuichi to find the children to which they find drooling over the smell of sweets from the baking club. He walks in to see Inomata crouched down and surrounded by the children, she sees him and begins to scold him out loud for his carelessness in losing sight of the kids.  

Eventually, they leave the baking club without any sweets but not before the members of the club once again ask Ryuuichi to join their club    

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