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Kotaro feels rather disappointed that his strawberry plants grew to have a bitter taste, so the chairwoman takes him and the other children to pick strawberries at a local strawberry farm. The children excitedly pick out tasty strawberries, and Saikawa, the chairwoman, Ryuuichi, and Kotaro enjoy the fruits together.

Long Summary

Kotaro is sad that the strawberries have already been eaten.

The weather outside is sunny and warm, so Kotaro is taking care of the strawberries he planted a while ago. Ryuu helps Kotaro water the plants when Kotaro asks if the strawberries are hiding since he cannot see them. Ryuu reminds him that they had all eaten them a while ago. The chairwoman comes up and says that it is a shame that the fruits did not taste sweet. Kotaro looks depressed, but the chairwoman assures him that more strawberries will grow and instructs the two boys to help her pluck weeds. She says that if they do a good job, she will take them to a place where they can pick strawberries. Saikawa emerges from a bush, announcing that he will invite members of the daycare center as well.

The children are amazed at the strawberries.

It is decided that the children and others will go strawberry-picking during Golden Week. Usaida drives them all to a greenhouse farm with numerous rows of ripe strawberries. The children are extremely eager to begin harvesting. A worker at the farm tells them not to hold back and to pick and eat as many strawberries as they would like. She also hands them condensed milk and cups. Taka rushes forward and trips on the uneven ground, causing Hayato to call him stupid. Usaida asks why Kotaro has frozen in place, and Ryuu sees that Kotaro seems to be completely entranced by the numerous strawberries. Usaida looks at Inui and asks why he has come along. Inui becomes flustered and tells him that he was the one who gave him an invitation. He also complains about how Usaida made him ride in the same car as Yukari and her husband. Inui's little sister, Mika, has also come along, wanting to get closer to Hayato. Ushimaru becomes jealous over the fact that Mika and Ryuu are already on a first-name basis. Inomata becomes annoyed by the sound Inui and Mika are making and scolds them for bothering others.

Ushimaru becomes flustered when Inomata calls her by her first name.

Ushimaru notes how cool Inomata is and realizes that Inomata does not often call people by their names at all. However, as she is making this thought, Inomata calls her Ushimaru-chan, which stuns Ushimaru and makes her hug Inomata. Suekichi and Kichi eat strawberries with their brother, Chuukichi, while Yagi films the two. Kirin spends time with Kyouko. Kotaro struggles to choose strawberries, as there are too many amazing and delicious-looking strawberries to choose from. Taka, wanting to try a different color fruit, hastily picks a green and unripe strawberry but spits it out into Hayato's hand. The chairwoman, watching the two struggle, picks two ripe strawberries and presents them to the children, who eat them and note how delicious they are. Saikawa records the situation on a video camera while the children choose more red strawberries.

Ryuu and Kotaro bring strawberries to the chairwoman to eat them with her.

The chairwoman pats her back, and Ryuu asks if she is alright. She responds that she is simply tired and will wait for them all in a different area. Saikawa and the chairwoman go to a separate room, where the chairwoman sits down. She says that it is hard to keep up with children. Saikawa simply smiles and says that the energy from children is what makes her the happiest. Kotaro calls out to the chairwoman with a basket full of strawberries. Ryuu follows him and tells the chairwoman and Saikawa that they would like to eat strawberries with them. The strawberries that Ryuu and Kotaro ate with the chairwoman and others tasted, by far, the most delicious; they were full of the taste of happiness.

Saikawa offers to drive them back home but has his eyes closed as he sits at the wheel. After he insists that he be the one to drive, Usaida suggests that he at least open his eyes.

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