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Ebizawa is a student of Morinomiya Academy and one of Ryuuichi's classmates and friends.


Ebizawa has messy dark hair with an enormous cowlick at the front. His eyes are narrow and serious.


Like many of his other male peers, Ebizawa is frustrated that nearly all the girls in their class prefer guys like Ryuuichi or Hayato.

Ebizawa has little interest in babysitting, though in his first anime appearance he was keen on the idea of holding onto one of the toddlers as a means of trying to get warm during the freezing day of outdoor gym class.[1]


  • Chapter 14 features a student in Ryuuichi's class who bears a strong resemblance to Ebizawa. However, said student's hair is shorter, making it difficult to determine whether Ebizawa appeared earlier.


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