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Orphaned brothers Ryuuichi and Kotarou arrive at Morinomiya Academy, where the chairwoman agrees to let them live there under the condition that Ryuichi joins the school's babysitter club.

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Ryuuichi and Kotarou are two brothers who lost their parents at a very early age due to a plane crash. They have been taken in by the old chairwoman of Ryuuichi’s new school, where apart from going there to study, he was ‘forced’ to join the Babysitters club. In this club, they have to babysit the kids of the teachers that are working in that school, and because of inefficient funds, they are in desperate need of staff. So Ryuuichi takes Kotarou there and starts playing around with the kids and getting to know them, but poor Kotarou sits in the back trying to read a book. When the parents come and pick up their kids, Ryuuichi realizes that Kotarou has a high fever and rushes to the hospital. The crisis was aborted and the old chairwoman came to pick them up. Next day Ryuuichi starts going to classes in his new school and also starts working in the babysitters club.

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