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The Babysitting Club holds a juice stand on the day of Morinomiya Academy's culture festival. The Club is excited to meet the new baby chicks that the science classroom is hatching.

Long Summary

Act One

Usaida looks at the flyer that Ryuu has drawn.

Usaida looks at the flyer for the refreshment stand that the Babysitting Club is setting up and asks Ryuuichi why he included a disclaimer that the children might spill juice on the guests. He doubts that anyone will come to the stand after reading this part, but Ryuu points out that it is true. The two of them watch the children attempt to carry the juice without spilling it. Kotaro slips on some juice on the floor and starts to tumble in his lettuce costume while Midori, in an onion costume, laughs. Taka bumps into Kazuma, who bumps into Takuma, and everyone spills the juice. Ryuu tells Usaida that the only person who can properly carry the juice is Kirin. Ryuu cleans the costumes and notes that Usaida is really talented since he was able to sew together all of these suits. Usaida holds up a corn costume for Ryuu to wear. He recalls making a green pepper costume for Inomata, but she is focusing on her own club exhibit today.

Ryuu puts on the corn costume without hesitation, which Usaida comments to be his favorite part about Ryuu. Usaida also says that the children's fathers are coming today and admits that he has only met Kousuke personally.

Usaida shows Ryuu the corn costume that he made him.

Yayoi suddenly appears behind Ryuu, causing him to fall forward. He struggles to stand up in his costume, so Taka rolls him in a futile attempt to help him up. Kotaro lies down and rolls with Ryuu while Usaida videotapes the scene.

Hayato opens the door to find a huge corn in his way, and Ryuu begs Hayato to help him up. After Ryuu stands back up, he asks if Yayoi has to get back to her drama club exhibit, and when she affirms this, Kirin tears up, asking her mother if she will not be watching her carry juice. She assures Kirin that her father will be here to watch Kirin.

Yayoi suddenly appears behind Ryuu, causing him to fall over.

Yayoi then turns to the boys and asks them for a favor regarding her husband. She smiles and figures that it will not be a difficult favor. Meanwhile, a man, presumably Yayoi's husband, walks up to two girls with a bouquet of flowers. He offers a few flowers to the girls and kindly asks them if they would be willing to show him to the daycare center, to which the girls immediately comply.

Kousuke cries in a bush as he thinks about Takuma and Kazuma.

Inui stands outside with a sign advertising a candy sale and is approached by a mysterious man who has a very large beard that covers his face. He asks if he would be willing to show him the daycare center, and Inui agrees. At the same time, Kousuke is hiding behind a bush while several female students run around looking for him. Kousuke tears up as he figures that his sons are not waiting for him, and surely enough, Takuma and Kazuma are excitedly calling out Hayato's name in the daycare center.

Satoru immediately begins to take pictures of Kirin when he enters the room.

Kirin's father opens the door and calls out to his daughter, who calls back to him. He immediately gets down with a camera and takes pictures of Kirin, calling her incredibly cute in her carrot costume. Yayoi greets her husband, and he offers the bouquet of flowers to her. He goes in to kiss her, but she nonchalantly stops him and instructs him to greet the babysitters.

Ryuu wonders if Yayoi's plan for them to wear wigs will work.

He asks to see the lovely female babysitters that she had told him about, and he turns to see Ryuu and Hayato in wigs and Usaida with his hair tied up. Usaida introduces himself as Usaida Usako in a falsetto voice. He introduces "Ryuko-chan" and "Kamitani Hayako-chan" as high school girls. Kirin's father compliments Usaida's looks but then slaps his hand, angrily shouting that he is clearly a guy.

Midori bites Satoru as Kirin tells her father that Midori is a girl.

Usaida sarcastically congratulates him and addresses him as "dad." He angrily asks Yayoi why there are male babysitters, but he turns around to see that she is gone. He looks at the children and sees that most of them are boys as well. He says that the tomatoes, Takuma and Kazuma, are cute, but they are boys. Midori bites his leg, and Kirin points out that Midori is not a boy.

Hayato, Usaida, and Ryuu awkwardly watch Satoru as he "proposes" to Midori.

He picks up Midori and apologizes. He compliments her big, round eyes and comments that if he were thirty years younger, he would ask for her hand in marriage. Ryuu, Hayato, and Usaida awkwardly watch him compliment Midori. He then turns to the boys and demands what their intentions towards Kirin are. Takuma, Kazuma, and Kotaro all agree that they like Kirin, and Kirin's father calls them beasts.

Taka sticks his tongue out at Kirin.

Taka sticks out his tongue and says that he does not like Kirin, and Kirin retaliates. Kirin's father asks what kind of jerk would not like his cute daughter. Disgusted by the number of boys in the room, he turns towards the door with Midori and Kirin, planning to leave.

Ryuu asks him to wait. He assures him that they are all just really good friends. Ryuu assures him that he understands that he is nervous to leave his daughter in a room full of men, but Usaida is very reliable. He politely asks him to trust them.

Satoru "proposes" to Ryuko-chan (Ryuu in a wig).

Kirin's father turns around and holds Ryuu's hand, saying that having a cute girl around here changes everything. He claims that if he were fifteen years younger, he would ask for his hand in marriage. Ryuu realizes that he has not realized that he is actually a boy, and he wonders if he should just keep up the act. However, before he can come to a decision, Midori yanks on his wig, revealing that he is a boy. Kirin's father immediately turns around. Ryuu then asks Hayato to say something.

Hayato glares at Satoru as he expresses his impatience.

Hayato, wearing a purple wig, glares at Kirin's father and sternly tells him that if he wants to leave, he will be leaving by himself. Kirin's father holds his hand, calling him a "cold beauty" and claiming that he would ask for his hand in marriage if he were fifteen years younger. Hayato calls him completely nuts while Usaida wonders how he was the only one who got called out.

Satoru is shocked to see that "Hayako" is actually a boy.

Hayato throws his wig on the floor, complaining that it feels stuffy. Kirin's father panics when he sees that Hayato is also a boy. Kirin tearfully asks her father is he does not want to see her perform, and he immediately hugs her and Midori, exclaiming that he was looking forward to watching her and meeting cute babysitter girls.

Yutaka puts his hand on Satoru's shoulder and asks him why he is holding Midori.

Usaida addresses him as "dad" again and comments that he might have said a few things that he meant to keep inside. He yells back at Usaida, calling him a jerk. Just then, he feels a hand on his shoulder and turns around to see the bearded man that Inui had led to the daycare center.

The bearded man demands why he is holding Midori. Kirin's father turns around and smiles, introducing him as Kumatsuka Satoru and Kirin's father. The bearded man kindly introduces himself as Sawatari Yutaka, Midori's father. He sweetly says that he has heard that their daughters get along well. Ryuu is surprised to see Midori's father while Satoru recalls the deadly glare that Yutaka had given him.

Inui is shocked to see "Ryuko" but does not recognize him as Ryuu with a wig.

Inui goes up to Ryuu and puts his hand on his shoulder, asking if Yutaka, whom he addresses as a "mountain man," is really Yukari's husband. Usaida places the wig back on Ryuu while Inui looks at Yutaka and wonders why he lost to such a weird man. Inui looks at Ryuu but mistakes him as a girl when he sees him with a wig. He immediately takes his hand off "her" shoulder, apologizing for mistaking "her."

Yukari and the other parents arrive at the daycare center. Yukari calls out to her husband while Umi tells Kousuke that it is alright for him to stop crying. Shizuka tells Kousuke to get it together. Yukari asks Inui if he has come to see the children's refreshment stand as well, but Inui explains that he was simply showing her husband the way. Yutaka thanks him, and Inui immediately runs out of the room.

Inui, back outside with his sign, rubs his eyes in embarrassment. However, he also thinks back to the girl that he had saw (Ryuu in a wig) and notes that she was quite cute.

Kirin carries a cup of juice for her father.

At the daycare center, the children bring juice to the adults. Kirin proudly shows her father that she is the only one who can carry the juice without spilling it. Satoru fawns over her as he takes the cup of juice off the platter. After she runs back to the other children, he sighs and turns back to the adults.

He recalls that not long ago, she was a baby who could not walk, and she will grow up in the blink of an eye. He pictures her all grown up in a wedding dress, saying that she will soon be taken away by some jerk. He reflects on the roughness of being a father. He tears up as he resolves not to give up on her so easily. Ryuu tries to console him, saying that it is rather early to think about marriage, but now, Yutaka is crying over Midori and even Kousuke is crying over his twins. Usaida reasons that some girls do not get married, but Satoru insists that his cute daughter will.

Kotaro wobbles his way to Ryuu with his juice.

Kirin announces that it is Kotaro's turn, and Satoru angrily demands who this "Kotaro-chan" is. Kotaro wobbles his way to the table, spilling juice on his platter. As Ryuu patiently waits for his brother, he admits that Satoru is right that time flies. Kotaro holds out the juice to his brother, who happily accepts it.

Saikawa appears behind Ryuu and applauds Kotaro for his performance.

Saikawa, who is kneeling behind Ryuu, applauds Kotaro, stunning Ryuu. Ryuu falls back with the juice in his hands, wondering why everyone keeps popping up behind him. Saikawa says that he has come to say that the chairwoman has a visitor, so she cannot attend the refreshment stand, much to Kotaro's dismay. Saikawa adds that he could see the regret in her eyes. Ryuu pictures the chairwoman scolding him for making assumptions about her feelings.

Satoru holds up his camera and suggests that they all take a picture to commemorate this event and tells Kotaro that he can show it to the chairwoman. He also offers to take the picture for free since the club is helping Kirin. Ryuu thanks him, but Satoru reminds everyone that he still does not trust them because they are men.

Taka holds up an empty cup to Shizuka while Umi and Yukari play with their children. Satoru warns Ryuu that he will not allow Kirin to participate in any illicit activities with men, and Yutaka firmly agrees for Midori as well.

Satoru takes a picture of everyone to commemorate the event.

Satoru sets up the camera, instructing everyone to look his way. Taka refuses while Takuma and Kazuma comply. Satoru asks Saikawa why his eyes are closed, to which Saikawa replies that it is a habit.

In the picture, sh, Yutaka, and Yukari are tending to a crying Midori. Hayato and Ryuu stare into the camera while Umi holds up a peace sign. Usaida looks at Takuma and Kazuma. Kirin stands at the center next to Taka and Kotaro, who are not looking at the camera. Kousuke looks curiously at Saikawa, whose eyes are closed.

Act Two

Hayato hits Taka, causing him to cry.

Shizuka walks towards the daycare center, where Taka is crying in Ryuu's arms after being hit by Hayato. Ryuu tries to console Taka and scolds Hayato for always hitting him. Hayato raises his fist, threatening to hit anyone who does not obey him and even addresses the other children, who cower in fear.

Shizuka hits Hayato with her binder after seeing him threaten the other children.

Shizuka suddenly hits Hayato's head with her binder, ordering him not to treat other children this way too. She greets Ryuu while hitting a sleeping Usaida with her binder. She apologizes to Ryuu on behalf of her sons for causing trouble. Shizuka comments that Ryuu is such a good boy, unlike her son, and wonders where he got his hitting habit from. Usaida and Ryuu think to themselves that he gets his habit from Shizuka.

The children are excited to see the chicks.

Hayato asks Shizuka why she has come to the daycare center since he is here to pick up Taka. She turns to the children and ask if they would like to see some bird eggs, explaining that the science lab is incubating some eggs. The children's eyes sparkle as they listen to Shizuka talk about the eggs. She notes that it is hard to catch the exact moment when they hatch, but the children are already running towards the door.

Ryuu is excited to see the chicks as well.

Shizuka tells them to wait until she is done explaining and calls out that the eggs are hatching tomorrow, not now. Hayato apologizes to Ryuu for his mother, who got the children worked up for nothing. However, Ryuu is too excited by the prospect of seeing eggs hatch. Usaida says that this is the first time that he has seen Ryuu so excited before.

Hayato tells Ryuu that the children are imprinted on him.

Ryuu eagerly explains that he has always wanted to see chicks follow him around because of imprinting. Hayato asks why he wants to be imprinted on chicks when the children are already following him around. Ryuu, who is surrounded by the children, admits that he is right. The children pull on Ryuu, excitedly asking to see the eggs.

The children are angry and disappointed when they see what they believe to be a refrigerator.

At the science lab, the children stare at the eggs in the incubator, but are disappointed by the lackluster sight. They accuse Ryuu of lying, claiming that this is really a refrigerator, not an incubator with chicks. Ryuu tries to explain that they are not hatching until tomorrow. They taunt him, calling out "liar." Ryuu asks Shizuka what he should do, but Shizuka apologizes and explains that she has to read her students' reports before leaving the lab.

Hayato scares the children by raising his fist.

Hayato raises his fist and orders the children to listen. The children, now terrified, surround Ryuu in fear. Hayato defends himself, saying that he did not actually hit them. Usaida thinks to himself that Hayato rules with fear.

Kotaro curiously looks at the eggs in the incubator.

Ryuu then explains that an incubator keeps the eggs warm until they hatch, so if they are all patient, they can witness the chicks hatch tomorrow. Usaida comments that staring at eggs can be boring, but he sees that Kotaro could probably sit in front of the incubator all day. Ryuu looks over and sees Kotaro's face pressed against the incubator door in excitement.

Usaida suggests that they go back and sees that the children are taking apart an anatomical model of a body. Ryuu picks up Kotaro and tells them that they have to return.

Kotaro watches Saikawa as he is about to crack an egg.

That evening, Saikawa, Ryuu, and Kotaro make dinner together. Saikawa says that watching eggs in an incubator sounds like a fine experience, and Ryuu recalls seeing Kotaro glued to the incubator. Kotaro sees Saikawa about to crack an egg, making the butler pause.

During dinner, the chairwoman sees the huge array of potato dishes that Saikawa has prepared, and she asks why he did not mention to the children that they would be having omelets. Saikawa bows and apologizes.

Shizuka, Ryuu, and Kotaro anticipate the hatching in the morning.

The next morning, Kotaro quickly leads Ryuu towards the science lab, but Ryuu complains that the teachers probably are not even at the school this early. Kotaro ignores him and points to the science room, asking to see the chicks. Just then, Ryuu hears Shizuka saying that students with a passion are always welcome to learn. Ryuu looks up and sees Shizuka greet him from the window of the science lab.

Ryuu and Kotaro look at the hatching chicks.

Ryuu and Kotaro watch the chicks begin to crack from the eggs with excitement. Shizuka smiles when she sees that even Ryuu is excited to see the chicks. She calls the two cute, unlike her own sons, who are sleeping in at that very moment. Ten minutes later, Ryuu notices that they have stopped moving, and Shizuka explains that they are simply taking a break.

Ryuu watches Kotaro concentrate on the hatching chicks.

After an hour, Shizuka is sleeping while Ryuu is nodding off to sleep, but Kotaro is still pressed against the incubator. Kotaro sees that a chick has stuck its wing out, and starts to concentrate on the chick as it struggles to hatch. Ryuu wakes up and sees that Kotaro is so concentrated on the chicks that his forehead is emitting steam. Ryuu claps his hand over his mouth to hold in his laughter as he watches Kotaro struggle along with the chick.

The chick successfully exits the shell, and Kotaro excitedly looks at his brother. Shizuka tells Kotaro that it is resting after hatching and assures him that he will get to see the chicks with everyone else later. Ryuu checks the clock and sees that they are almost late, so he urges Kotaro to go with him back to the classroom.

The chicks follow Kotaro around.

Kotaro turns around and silently buries his face into Ryuu's pant leg. Ryuu smiles when he sees that Kotaro is emotional over seeing a chick hatch. He recalls feeling the same way when Kotaro was born, but then he corrects himself, reflecting that he must have been at least a hundred times happier.

Kotaro protects a chick from the pouncing cat.

Later, the chicks follow Kotaro around as he walks. Usaida says that the chicks are totally imprinted on him and tells Kotaro that they think he is their mother. Taka, envious of the attention that the chicks give Kotaro, runs in to grab a chick, saying that it is unfair that only Kotaro gets to play with them. However, he scares the chicks, causing them to run off in different directions.

Kotaro blushes as he holds a chick in his hands.

Ryuu tries to calm them all down so that they do not scare the chicks any further. Ryuu and Usaida try to catch the chicks, but one chick runs off towards the window, where the notorious cat is perched. Ryuu and the children gasp when they see that the cat is targeting the chick.

The cat pounces at the chick, and Kotaro shelters it, much to Ryuu's surprise. Fortunately, Hayato catches the cat before it can reach the chick, telling them all to at least close the window if they are letting the chicks loose before letting the cat go.

Ryuu pats Kotaro's head, and Kotaro smiles as he picks up the chick. As the Babysitting Club spends more time with the chicks, Ryuu, in his head, tells the chicks to stay in a nice line until they grow up big and strong.

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