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This is a special OVA that was bundled with the DVD and Blu-ray release of the series.


While Ryuuichi focuses on studying for his midterms, Kotaro begins learning to read and write hiragana. To thank the chairwoman and Saikawa, Ryuu cooks them dinner. The Babysitting Club does a little twist on the fairytale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Long Summary

Act One

Ryuu and Kotaro promise to both work hard.

One night during dinner at the Morinomiya estate, the chairwoman asks Ryuu if he has devoted any time towards studying for the upcoming second semester midterms. Ryuu can only sheepishly admit that he was planning to study after tucking Kotaro in the other day. the chairwoman is not impressed by Ryuu's flaky approach to preparing for the midterms and makes him promise to focus all of his efforts on studying.

To make sure he keeps his promise, she has Saikawa take over all of Ryuu's obligations at the daycare from that point until the end of the exam period. Under this arrangement, Ryuu was not even allowed to inquire about Kotaro or the other children in the nursery, ensuring that he would have no excuse to not do well on his exams. Ryuu accepts the chairwoman's terms, and passes over to Saikawa's care. Saikawa says that it would be a privilege to undertake this responsibility once more. He tells Kotaro to bid his last goodbyes to Ryuu, much to the young boy's distress. The chairwoman yells not to exaggerate the situation, and tells Ryuu to get on with his vow to study. Before setting off, Ryuu explains to Kotaro that his studies would mean the two would have to spend less time together. Kotaro decides that if his brother was going to work hard, then so would he, and thus the two brothers make it a promise.

Kotaro promises to study hard.

The next day, a drowsy Usaida walks into the daycare and bids good morning to Ryuu and Kotaro. He soon realizes that Saikawa has taken Ryuu's usual place. Usaida learns of Ryuu's commitment to studying, and notices Kotaro has a tense look about him. With a little help from Saikawa, Kotaro explains that he pinky-swore with his brother to work hard too, though Usaida gets no clear answer when he asks what exactly he's supposed to be working hard ''on''.

Shizuka threatens Hayato into studying hard for his exams.

In class, Ryuu finishes an assignment and nearly begins heading over to the daycare before remembering his promise. He wonders what grades he would need to satisfy the chairwoman's expectations that he doesn't do this halfway. Hayato approaches from behind and asks the frozen Ryuu if he is sick. After saying he is alright, Ryuu explains that Saikawa is taking over at the daycare so that the two of them are free to study. Hayato is glad that he has more free time, but isn't interested in accepting Ryuu's invitation to study together. That is until a message from his mother warns him that failing any of his exams would result in the destruction of his treasured baseball DVD.

Back at the daycare, Takuma and Kazuma observe Kotaro, who is still tense with determination. Usaida asks just how long he plans to stay that way. Taka climbs on top of Saikawa and asks why Ryuu isn't around. To the other childrens' disappointment, Saikawa explains that both Ryuu and Hayato won't be coming over to play until their studies are finished. When they learn that their babysitters wouldn't be back by tomorrow or even the day after, the children are saddened by the belief that they are liked less than studying. Saikawa turns to Usaida for help in lifting their spirits.

Kotaro studies hiragana.

Thinking quickly, Usaida suggests that the children should try studying as hard as Ryuu so that they may surprise him upon is return. Kotaro likes this idea, and is eager to learn. Usaida observes that, other than Kirin, none of the children know how to write. Thus, it would be very impressive if they learned to read and write hiragana. The children exclaim that they're willing to study hard, except for the reluctant Taka. He wants to know if studying would let him play with Ryuu sooner. Saikawa simply explains that Ryuu would return when his studies were finished, and that there was no pressure for the children to study if they didn't want to. After being invited by Kotaro to their little study group, Taka brightens up and declares that he would teach him how to write, ignoring Usaida pointing out that he still had to learn himself. At the end of the day, after Kirin was the last of the other children to be picked up, Saikawa wakes the tuckered out Kotaro so that they may head home as well.

Ryuu wakes up Kotaro, who has fallen asleep on the couch.

Back at the estate, Kotaro is sound asleep on the couch when Ryuu enters and wakes him up. Ryuu asks if Kotaro was doing alright at the daycare, which Kotaro excitedly confirms. This response invokes more concern than relief in Ryuu, who expected Kotaro to feel lonely without him. Even as the chairwoman was taking him to sleep in her room that night, Kotaro looked quite happy. Ryuu realizes that he himself is feeling quite lonely, but he shakes off his woes. He had been told not to stay up too late, so he makes the best of his time studying before getting a good night's sleep. He was working hard not just to avoid being scolded by the chairwoman, but to be better prepared for the real world. He is certain that Kotaro would grow up and learn these skills as well. Someday, Kotaro might even be self-reliant and become more independent in a moment's notice.

Ryuu looks at Kotaro's writing of his name.

Days pass, with Ryuu studying with his friends and Kotaro continuing to practice writing at the daycare, even though the other children have lost interest. Finally, the exam days come and go, and cheering students all over school look forward to celebrating. Usokawa invites Ryuu to join the jubilee, but he declines in order to reunite with the children at the daycare. Before they all grow up, he wants to spend as much time with them as possible. Everyone in the daycare is happy to see him again, especially Kotaro. He excitedly runs up to his big brother in order to share the news of all the writing practice he undertook. He proudly holds up a sheet of paper that he wrote Ryuu's name on. Usaida shares the story of how Kotaro started out unable to perform this task, but worked hard at it during their separation. Ryuu thanks Kotaro while also encouraging him to learn to write his own name. The other children excitedly claim to have learned to write Ryuu's name as well, only for Usaida to state that this wasn't quite true. Brandishing a calligraphy brush, Saikawa announces that he wants to write Ryuuichi's name as well.

Act Two

Ryuu is confused when Saikawa tells him about his favorite foods.

Ryuu's teacher gives everyone their midterm test results, and he congratulates Ryuu for scoring the top in the class. Ryuu is grateful, but he thinks about Saikawa and the chairwoman and their encouragement. At the daycare center, the children style Ryuu's hair as Ryuu asks Usaida what Saikawa's favorite food is. Usaida recalls that he and Saikawa went drinking together once, but he admits that he does not know what his favorite food is. Ryuu informs him of his intentions to cook for Saikawa to thank him for the help he had given him while he was studying for his midterms. Kirin ties Ryuu's hair as Usaida asks if he wants to cook for him like a daughter cooks on Mother's Day. Ryuu expresses his desire to show gratitude towards Saikawa and the chairwoman. Kotaro walks up to Ryuu and unrolls his paper to show him what he wrote. Ryuu is surprised to see his name again and instructs Kotaro to write his own name next time. Usaida pats a stack of papers, telling him that they all have his name written on them.

Usaida comments that even though Kotaro does not say much, they all know what his favorite thing is anyway. Usaida squats down next to Kotaro and asks him what his favorite thing is, to which Kotaro smiles and happily replies "nii-chan." Usaida repeats the question, and Kotaro repeats his response. Ryuu tells Usaida that he wants to know what Saikawa's favorite food is, not Kotaro's favorite thing. Kotaro looks down in sadness, and Ryuu apologizes, exclaiming that he is very happy that Kotaro likes him the best. The other children jump onto Ryuu, saying that they all like him as well, causing him to fall back.

Saikawa cushions Ryuu's fall using a pillow.

Saikawa cushions Ryuu's head as he falls back, asking him if he is alright. He also adds that he also loves Ryuu. Ryuu is surprised to see Saikawa here. He explains that he is here to return the apron that he had lent him. Ryuu sits up as he asks how long Saikawa had been listening to their conversation. Saikawa had heard Kotaro say that Ryuu is his favorite, and he had decided to also express his feelings after he heard everyone else. Saikawa turns to Kotaro and asks what position he holds in his heart. Kotaro simply points to Saikawa and calls his name. Ryuu sighs in relief, but Taka immediately asks Saikawa what his favorite food is. Saikawa misunderstands Taka because he mispronounces the word "food" as "eat algae." Taka begins to explain that Ryuu wants to know what his favorite food is, but Ryuu quickly tries to stop him. Usaida quickly covers for him, telling Saikawa that they were talking about their favorite dishes, and the topic of Saikawa's favorite dish came up. The children share what their favorite foods are, and Usaida motions for Saikawa to share. Saikawa opens one eye and thinks for a moment before sharing a massive list of different French dishes, confusing Ryuu and the children. Saikawa then takes his leave, as he has work to do, leaving Ryuu feeling utterly defeated. Ryuu sighs as he laments that he cannot cook French cuisine, but Usaida tells him that it is the thought that matters.

Saikawa cooks Ryuu and Kotaro's favorite foods.

At dinnertime, Saikawa presents a feast full of Ryuu and Kotaro's favorite foods to celebrate their hard work. Ryuu is amazed that even though he and Kotaro had not mentioned their favorite foods, Saikawa was able to cater to their tastes. Ryuu stares at his food, and Saikawa asks if it is not to his liking. Ryuu thanks Saikawa for making their favorite foods as Kotaro smiles in excitement. He thanks Saikawa and the chairwoman, who sits down at the table, for helping him during his midterm exam period. He blushes as he looks down and admits that they do not deserve so much kindness.

Ryuu dreams about the day he and Kotaro arrived.

That night, Ryuu dreams about the day that he and Kotaro arrived at the school. He remembers carrying Kotaro to the chairwoman's office and his promise to the chairwoman that he will be a babysitter in return for being able to stay here. When he wakes up, he finds Kotaro sucking on his finger, causing him to panic. He wakes Kotaro up, and Kotaro rubs his eyes before reaching out and calling out to the chairwoman. Ryuu reminds him that since his tests are over, he is now sleeping with him. Ryuu asks Kotaro what he dreamed about, and Kotaro beams as he describes everyone eating together. Ryuu realizes that since Kotaro is still young, he thinks that he, Ryuu, Saikawa, and the chairwoman are a normal family. Ryuu goes downstairs carrying Kotaro and greets the chairwoman, who is reading her newspaper, and Saikawa. He requests that he make tonight's dinner to show his gratitude for the two of them. He admits that he cannot make French cuisine which Saikawa likes, but he can make curry. The chairwoman asks him if he will be like this every time he has an exam, but Ryuu blushes and explains that this is like a daughter cooking on Mother's Day. Saikawa is reminded of Kirin's favorite game of "house," and labels himself as the mother and the chairwoman as the father, much to her annoyance.

Ryuu and Kotaro go grocery shopping for ingredients.

Ryuu and Kotaro go the supermarket to buy their ingredients, and Ryuu decides to buy scallops, shrimp, and potatoes to make a seafood curry to cater to Saikawa's tastes. Afterwards, Ryuu and Kotaro prepare the food. While Kotaro washes the potatoes in a bowl, Ryuu peels the onions. Tears come to Ryuu's eyes as he chops the onions. Saikawa offers to chop the onions, but the chairwoman orders him to stand aside. Kotaro picks up a brown block of instant curry, but Ryuu immediately stops him from eating it, exclaiming that the brown block is not chocolate. Kotaro also helps Ryuu stir the curry in the pot.

Ryuu is happy to see that Saikawa and the chairwoman like his curry.

During dinner, Ryuu tells Saikawa and the chairwoman not to push themselves if they do not like the curry. The chairwoman takes a bite and notes that it is not bad. Saikawa addresses her as "father" and tells her to praise Ryuu more. Kotaro smiles as he happily eats the curry as the chairwoman asks Saikawa who he is calling "father." Saikawa eats the curry and comments that it is extremely delicious. At the end of dinner, he shows Ryuu his empty bowl and tells him that his favorite food is curry. Ryuu admits that he feels a little embarrassed, but those feelings are outweighed by the happiness and exceptional praise he received. The next day, the children at the daycare center ask to try Ryuu's curry, but Ryuu shyly says that it is simply normal curry.

Act Three

Ryuu leads Inomata away from the castle.

The chairwoman, playing the role of the queen, asks the mirror, Saikawa, who is the fairest of them all. Saikawa responds that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if she is interested in his preferences, he would be more than happy to share. The chairwoman demands who wants to know his preferences and slams are cane down. Ryuu, who is the huntsman, suggests that she ask something that she actually wants to know. The chairwoman turns to Saikawa and asks him who is the most brightest of them all, to which Saikawa replies with Snow White who is played by Inomata. Because Inomata does nothing but study, her skin is as white as snow. She respects school rules, so she keeps her hair its natural black. The chairwoman instructs Ryuu to take Snow White out of the castle, wondering why a young girl would be doing nothing but studying. Ryuu leads Inomata from the castle, but Inomata protests that she still needs to study for the country's future. Ryuu addresses her as Lady Snow White and asks her to watch her step. Inomata blushes as she begins to thank him, but she demands why he was not listening to anything she had just said. She tells him that unlike him, she does not not have the time to play.

Inomata points out that the children are not dwarves, eventually causing them to cry.

Nearby, the bushes rustle, and two small hats pop up. Suddenly, the children jump out from the bushes onto Inomata, calling out to Ryuu. Ryuu asks why the children are here as Kotaro slowly walks from the bushes and hugs Ryuu. Usaida, who is dressed in the same outfit as the other children, explains that he was taking so long that they had all come to get him. Usaida uses a falsetto voice to express Midori's thoughts. Usaida asks who the girl is, Ryuu sweats as he asks if Inomata is alright, correcting "Inomata" to "Lady Snow White" as he speaks. Inomata glares at the children, asking who these rude children are. Ryuu says that these are the seven dwarves who live in the forest. Taka tells her that they are not children, but dwarves. Inomata glares once more before pointing to Usaida and saying that there are only six children, and they are children, not dwarves. The children begin to cry. Ryuu tries to calm them down as Usaida admits that Inomata is right. Inomata decides to return to the castle to study. Ryuu grabs her wrist, asking her to wait. He tries to convince her that after some time, the children will open up to her, but Inomata claims that she could never get along with those children. Inomata turns back with teary eyes and a runny nose, saying that she does not suit the role of the beautiful, kind princess. She quickly takes off her outer pink dress and shoves it onto Ryuu before running away, telling him to be the princess instead. Ryuu decides to run after her and tells Usaida that he is counting on him. Usaida replies that he is not suited to be a princess, but Ryuu orders him to look after the children. Ryuu looks down to see the children clinging onto the dress and looking up at him.

Inomata cries with the children.

Inomata sadly walks away when she bumps into Yayoi, who offers her an apple. Inomata thanks her and holds it up to her mouth. Before she takes a bite, she figures that if she eats it and dies, then no one will be hurt by her, although Yayoi does not have any malintent. Hayato, who is dressed as a horse, suddenly grabs the apple from her, telling her to at least sit down if she is going to eat it, as it would be dangerous if it got caught in her throat. Inomata sternly tells him that she does not need his help before asking him what he is supposed to be. Hayato bluntly says that he is a horse, and Inomata asks where the prince is. Hayato replies that there is no prince and holds up his phone. Ryuu had texted him to show a message to Inomata informing her that the children started crying when she left. Hayato instructs her to hurry up and go back because the children miss her. Inomata blushes and tears up, believing that the children had cried because she said something mean.

Just then, Taka points to Inomata and tells Ryuu that he found the princess. On the count of three, the children apologize to Inomata for making her cry. Inomata kneels down as she cries and claims that she was not crying. As she cries, the other children begin to cry as well. Meanwhile, the chairwoman and Saikawa stand in front of the mirror, witnessing what is happening. The chairwoman asks if Snow White can really end like this, adding that this is a completely different story. Saikawa smiles as he reasons that there is still a happy ending. Ryuu tries to calm down the children as Usaida watches them in amusement.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Changes From the Manga

Act One

  • In the anime, Ryuu and Hayato do not meet up with Inomata and Ushimaru at the library.

Act Two

  • In the anime, neither Ryuu nor the teacher comment on Hayato's test scores.

Act Three

  • Kousuke does not appear as the Prince in the anime.