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Ryuuichi and the children meet Maria Inomata, a high achieving student from the Advanced Class. The daycare center go to the zoo on a field trip.

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Ryuuichi and Kotaro wake up to go to school. Ryuuichi leaves him with Usaida and the rest of the babies to go to class but they follow him without him realising it. Hayato points out to him that children are following him and then a girl named Inomata gives Ryuuichi a hard time telling him that he is irresponsible, etc. When Ryuuichi and Hayato take them back to the nursery, Usaida suddenly feels ill and Hayato takes him to the nurse’s office, leaving Ryuuichi and Inomata to take care of them. Long story short, Inomata starts crying because she has no life and friends, and the children comfort her.

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After Taka insults Kotaro for never having seen a real tiger Ryuuichi takes the children to the zoo during the weekend with their mothers. Meanwhile, the Kamitani brothers must learn to deal with their feelings for each other.

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