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A popular student seems to want to join the Babysitting Club. Takuma and Kazuma's father visits them at the school.

Long Summary

Act One

The children play with each other as Usaida checks the calendar. He sees that it is Valentine's Day and calls everyone over. He holds out his hands, and Kotaro puts his hand on Usaida's. Usaida says that he does not want his hand, but rather anything that their mothers sent for him and Ryuu. The children all exclaim that they have nothing as Usaida sighs.

A few female classmates talk about giving chocolate to other boys. Yamane tells Kawata that she has given some out, but refuses to say who. A girl asks Ushimaru if she has given anyone chocolate, but she becomes flustered and nervously laughs. Usokawa complains that the school has banned giving out Valentine's chocolate, but Saginuma figures that they would not search their bags to enforce the rule. Usokawa asks Ryuuichi if he has received any chocolate, and when Ryuu denies this, Usokawa desperately asks if Ushimaru has given him any. Ushimaru overhears this and secretly feels relieved that he has not received any chocolate yet.

Ushimaru becomes flustered when her friends ask her if she has given chocolate to any boys.

Ryuu knows that Hayato must have received quite a lot. Sure enough, a girl approaches Hayato with a box of chocolates. However, Hayato turns her down, citing that he hates chocolate. The girl runs back towards her friend while Usokawa and Saginuma angrily call him out.

Kawata and Yamane comment on how immature the boys in their class are. Kawata mentions Yagi Tomoya, who is smart, nice, and handsome. Another girl fawns over Nezu Chuukichi, who is aloof, handsome, and has the second-best grades. Ryuu thinks about the gifted class, where Inomata is. He nervously smiles as he figures that Inomata would be furious to see people evading the chocolate ban.

In the gifted class, female students offer Yagi and Nezu homemade chocolates. The talk of chocolates enrages Inomata, causing her to slam her pen down and scold the girls for breaking school rules. The girls retaliate, arguing that no one is bothering her and that she is a stick-in-the-mud. Yagi smiles and interrupts them, saying that they indeed are breaking rules, but the girls can give him chocolate off-campus later.

Yagi receives several boxes of chocolates from the female students.

The girls sit down in disappointment with their chocolates while Yagi leans on Inomata's desk. He asks if she was spending time near the daycare center, to which she affirms. He then expresses his wish to join the Babysitting Club and become a babysitter. Inomata recalls the sign outside of the daycare center welcoming new members, but she swiftly gets up from her seat, orders Yagi to ask the club himself, and leaves the room. The girls see that Yagi must love children a lot, and Yagi says that he finds children to be really cute. Nezu stares at him as he talks to the girls.

Inomata walks down the hallway and reflects on what the girls had said. She admits that she is a stick-in-the-mud, but she tells herself that it is her own fault for ruining other people's fun. She tears up and blushes as she promises not to join the Babysitting Club out of fear that she will upset the children. She wipes her tears and insists that studying is the only thing she enjoys anyway.

Ryuu blushes as he asks Yagi if he really wants to join, and Yagi smiles back at him. Ryuu panics as he wakes up Usaida and welcomes him. He then introduces himself and each of the children. He apologizes for overwhelming him with so much information, but Yagi does not mind. He introduces himself as Yagi Tomoya from Class A, and Ryuu remembers that the girls had called him the "nice, hot guy in the gifted class." Yagi dismisses the compliments, saying that Ryuu is much nicer and more attractive than he is. He also notes that Hayato is way cooler than he is. He turns to Taka, who eagerly says that he is cool just like his brother. Yagi compliments each of the children, who are all flattered by him. Ryuu is amazed at how quickly he has gotten along with the children.

Inomata overhears students whispering about Yagi.

Inomata overhears two students whispering about Yagi as she studies in the library. One of them believes that Yagi is lying about liking children in order to impress girls. Inomata is stunned to hear one of the boys claim that he has seen him creepily glaring at the children. Inomata immediately gets up and runs towards the daycare center. Meanwhile, Yagi looks at Kotaro, and his smile concerns Ryuu. Yagi reaches out towards Kotaro as Inomata sprints to the center. Yagi says that Kotaro looks round and plump, and right before he touches Kotaro, Inomata slams the door open, ordering Yagi to stop. She is appalled to see blood dripping on the floor, but it turns out that Yagi is suffering from a nosebleed from poking Kotaro's cheeks.

Yagi suffers from a nosebleed after poking Kotaro's cheeks.

Inomata sighs as she realizes that are no major problems. Nezu then arrives at the daycare center, telling Yagi that he cannot join this club. Ryuu sees that he is the "aloof, handsome, second-best-grades" person that the girls were talking about. Yagi asks why he is here, and Nezu replies that he is here to bring him back, as he is too much of a "pervert" to become a babysitter. Yagi is stunned to hear Nezu call him a weird creep, and Ryuu quickly gathers the children into one corner, away from Yagi. Yagi tries to convince him that he likes children the way normal people do, but Nezu tells him that normal people do not get nosebleeds after poking a child's cheeks. Yagi argues that his nose is bleeding because he ate too much chocolate, but Nezu reminds him that he gave back all the chocolate after Inomata warned him. He tells him to stop lying with a smile and bleeding nose.

Nezu drags Yagi out and apologizes for the disturbance. Yagi looks at the confused children and admits that he might cause trouble if he joins the club. He then blushes and smiles as he requests that they let him visit to poke their cheeks from time to time. Ryuu stutters as Takuma grabs onto Kazuma's cheeks. Usaida pokes Midori's cheeks as he admits that it is indeed pretty fun to poke them. Taka asks if his nose will bleed if he eats too much chocolate, and Nezu explains that chocolate is not to blame for this situation.

Kotaro hands Inomata a box of chocolates.

The children begin to eagerly shout for chocolate. Kirin says that it is chocolate day today, and the children continue to campaign for chocolate. Yagi begins to offer them some chocolate, but Nezu holds him back. Taka pokes Inomata and excitedly expresses his desire for chocolate. Kirin also asks for chocolate, but Inomata sternly warns them that giving chocolate on school grounds on Valentine's Day is prohibited. The children tear up as she says that she cannot stand people who break rules. They begin to cry, but Inomata blushes, saying that if they can wait until tomorrow, she will bring the most delicious chocolate she can find. The children cheer for chocolate, and Yagi prepares to bring chocolate as well.

Ryuu and Kotaro walk home with Inomata, and Ryuu apologizes for keeping her with him for the entire day. Inomata says that she had free time anyways. Ryuu then tells Inomata to wait for a second as he runs into a convenience store with Kotaro. After a few minutes, Ryuu returns, and Kotaro hands Inomata a small box of chocolates. Ryuu says that the chocolate is a thank-you for today and that it is alright to give chocolates since they are not on campus. Inomata informs Ryuu that she is just a stick-in-the-mud, and Ryuu affirms this. He also adds that he likes that about Inomata. Ryuu says goodbye as he and Kotaro walk home. Inomata turns red and blushes as she holds the chocolates. Ushimaru, who was watching the whole scene while holding chocolate, wonders what relationship the two have.

Ryuu and Kotaro eat Saikawa's homemade chocolate.

Meanwhile, Yagi picks out several sets of chocolate for the children and suffers yet another nosebleed after picturing Kotaro stuffing his cheeks with chocolate. Nezu hands him a tissue and tells him to hurry up and buy it. Yagi asks if he can buy chocolate for Nezu's little brother, but Nezu warns him to stay away. Saikawa presents several gourmet chocolates that he made for Ryuu and Kotaro. The chairwoman reminds them to brush their teeth thoroughly, and Saikawa hands Kotaro a chocolate. Kotaro holds a chocolate up to Ryuu, who takes the chocolate and thanks him, causing Kotaro to smile.

Inomata furrows her eyebrows as she stares at the display case at a chocolate store. She reminds herself that she is simply choosing chocolates for the children.

Act Two

Ryuu is comforted by the children's warmth.

Ryuu and his classmates, who are wearing their gym shorts and shirts, shiver in the freezing old outside. Saginuma protests that they are forced to wear shorts in ridiculously cold weather. Ryuu trembles as he asks Hayato how he is able to stand still, despite being chilly. Hayato nonchalantly says that he does indeed feel cold, causing Ebizawa to accuse him of being a cyborg because he is not shivering.

Ryuu laughs as he hears Usaida call his name. Usaida, who is standing next to a wagon with the children in it. Usaida explains that they are taking a walk, and the children eagerly ask Usaida to let them out of the wagon. The children immediately run towards Ryuu, and Ryuu is soothed by their warmth. The children try to get him to come along on their walk, but Ryuu explains that he has class. Ryuu then asks Usaida what the wagon is, and Usaida tells him that he uses it when he and the children go on walks. According to Usaida, the children are practically animals. The children call Usaida an idiot as they argue that they are not animals. Usaida, smirks and sarcastically tells them that they will be taken away by a weird creep and gobbled up whole, which scares the children. Ryuu tells Usaida not to scare them, but he warns the children of going off with strangers.

Usokawa, Ebizawa, and Saginuma reach out to the children, frightening them.

Usaida comments that it is nice to see young people with so much energy. He then turns to Ryuu's classmates and sarcastically says that he feels cold just looking at them shiver, which frustrates the boys. They angrily call Ryuu's name, and Ryuu prepares to take the children away, but they suspiciously and cheerily smile, saying that since they are friends, they should care for each other. They then creepily reach out their arms towards the children, whom they view as "natural heat packs." The students begin chasing the children around as Usaida watches them in amusement. Nearby, a mysterious man in sunglasses, a hat, and a mask watches the children from behind a tree.

Taka runs to his brother, asking for protection against the chasing students. Usokawa catches a distressed Kazuma, who bawls out of fear. Ryuu stops two students from getting Kirin, who hides behind Usaida's leg. Ryuu wonders where Takuma has gone, and he sees that he is crawling into the bushes. He calls out to him, telling him to come back. The mysterious man picks up Takuma, causing Ryuu to panic. He hands Kotaro to Ebizawa and runs after Takuma. Hayato tells Taka to get out of the way as he takes off his shoe and throws it at the man. Right before the shoe hits him in the head, Takuma smiles and calls him "Ko-kun." The man falls back and tries to hold Takuma up. Takuma smiles in excitement as he flies through the air.

Kousuke lies on the ground after being hit by Hayato's shoe.

Usaida compliments Hayato's accurate pitch while Ryuu asks if Takuma knows this person. Takuma joyfully announces that he is his and Kazuma's father. The gym teacher instructs the students to run a ten kilometer marathon and tells Hayato and Ryuu, who are carrying the man, that they can resume the run when they return, causing the students to protest.

In the daycare center, the man introduces himself as Mamizuka Kousuke, Takuma and Kazuma's father. Ryuu apologizes for not recognizing him and admits that he jumped to an awful conclusion. Hayato points out that his outfit made him really suspicious, but also apologizes. Ryuu asks why he was wearing such an outfit, and Usaida explains that Kousuke is an actor. He reenacts one of Kousuke's commercials about dental hygiene. Usaida asks if the two have ever seen those commercials, but the two are unfamiliar with such shows.

Kousuke explains that he did not want to cause a scene if someone recognized him while he was checking up on his kids, but he cowers in the corner as he sees that he might have thought too highly of himself and his fame. Ryuu sweats as he reasons that he and Hayato are probably ignorant and assures him that there must be many people who recognize him. He asks Usaida for help, and Usaida says that at least he recognizes them as Takuma and Kazuma's father. Kousuke kneels as he cries into his hands, claiming that he could die from embarrassment. Ryuu asks if he has work, and Kousuke tearfully admits that today is his first day off in six months. He expresses his wish to spend some father-son time with Takuma and Kazuma, but now that he has come to see them, he has realized that the two simply want to play in the daycare center. He shares that they do not address him as their father, and he tears up again as he believes that Takuma and Kazuma see him as a weird, old man who comes to play with them from time to time. Ryuu consoles him, saying that Takuma introduced him as his father. He then suggests that he stay at the daycare center and play with his sons for the day.

Kazuma is terrified to be held by his father.

Kousuke gratefully agrees to stay, and Ryuu calls Takuma and Kazuma over. Ryuu tells the twins that their father would like to play with them today. He then picks up Kazuma and hands him to Kousuke. He informs Kousuke that he and Hayato have class, so they will leave the rest to him. Kousuke thanks Ryuu as he tells Takuma and Kazuma that he will be playing with them. However, before he can finish his sentence, Kazuma begins to cry in fear as Kousuke holds him. Kousuke opens the door and figures that he should go after all, but Ryuu tries to stop him, by saying that Kazuma does not like being held by people he is unfamiliar with, which only adds salt to the wound, as Hayato points out. Ryuu tells him that he should not enlargen the gap between him and his sons. Tears drip down Kousuke's face as he turns back. Ryuu encourages Kousuke to stay with them so he can show them his fatherly side and promises to help him.

Kousuke is touched as he listens to Ryuu's words of encouragement, but Hayato comments that the children are seeing the worst possible side of a father right now. The children stare at Kousuke, and Takuma (who uses "Ko-kun") calls Kousuke a crybaby. The other children join in and call him lame, much to his dismay. Usaida sleeps on the ground as he brushes off the concern, as this is a good oppotunity to for children to see that adults are flawed. Ryuu tells him that he would much rather show the children the good side to Kousuke.

Kazuma refuses to play with his father.

Kousuke plays with the children, like doing piggy-back rides, playing trains and swords, and more. However, each time, Kazuma freaks out and begins to cry. Kousuke sits in the corner in defeat while Usaida whispers to Ryuu that he did not know that Kazuma hated his father so much. He figures that they should give up, and Ryuu tries to get him to lower his voice so he does not hear. Kousuke concedes, as he sees that Takuma and Kazuma have fun here every day, and decides to go home. He kneels down and epologizes to Takuma and Kazuma for interrupting their fun with their friends today. He tells them to have lots of fun, and that he will wait for them at home. He waves goodbye to his sons after he tells Usaida, Ryuu, and Hayato to take good care of them.

Kousuke slowly walks to the school gates but bumps into a girl. The girl immediately recognizes him as Mamizuka Kousuke, and suddenly, Kousuke is surrounded by a huge crowd of girls. They ask him for autographs and pictures as they wave their phones around. Just then, Kousuke hears "papa," and he turns to see Ryuu and Hayato lifting Takuma and Kazuma up. The twins tear up as they call for their father to come back. He tries to move through the crowd as he asks if they just addressed him as their father. He calls out to them as he tries to move, and the twins call back.

Takuma and Kazuma cry for their father not to leave.

Umi blows a whistle and holds up a picture of the chairwoman. She warns the girls that if they do not return to class, the chairwoman will hold them back a school year. The girls quickly run out of the area, leaving Kousuke sitting on the ground. Umi apologizes to Kousuke as she explains that Usaida told her what had happened. She admits that the reason why Kazuma is afraid of him is probably her fault. Since Kousuke is hardly home, Umi watched some of his movies with the twins, and in the last movie, Kousuke plays a kidnapper, which terrified Kazuma. Kousuke panics as he asks why she would watch those kinds of movies with their kids. Umi tells him that he was very cool in the villain role, and the twins always ask to see his work. Takuma and Kazuma tug on his coat as they ask if he will play with them. Kousuke hugs them as he tears up.

Ryuu watches Kousuke and the twins as he reflects that even in a family, it is hard to know what someone else is feeling, but it is really as simple as can be.

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