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Kirin and Kotaro try to display Ryuuichi's charms so that Inomata can like him. Kazuma catches a cold, so Takuma becomes rather lonely in the daycare center.

Long Summary

Act One

Ushimaru blushes when her friends ask her what she likes about Ryuu.

During lunch, Kawata asks Ushimaru what she likes about Ryuu. Ushimaru does not reply but instead turns red. Ushimaru panics as she looks around, warning them that Ryuu might overhear them, but Yamane assures her that Ryuu is not around. The other boys in the classroom listen to them with jealousy as Ushimaru admits that she does have some feelings for Ryuu.

Kawata sees Ryuu's appeal, as he easily has the best looks and personality in the class. She classifies him as the "comfy" type, and Yamane recalls that he once picked up her eraser when she dropped it. Kawata then tells them that Hayato is also pretty attractive, and even girls in the other classes and upperclassmen are into him. Yamane calls him hot, but another girl points out that he is a little scary. Yamane argues that his scary atmosphere is what makes him hot, and the fact that he helps Ryuu in the Babysitting Club shows that he has a caring side.

The girls fawn over Ryuu.

Kawata thinks of herself as more attracted to Ryuu's type. Ushimaru is in despair when she realizes how popular Ryuu is. Kawata assures her that they do not intend to be her rivals, and Yamane nods in agreement. Ushimaru blushes even more as she tells them that they do not have to hold back because of her. Kawata clarifies that that is not what she means. Another girl reminds her that her competition is Ryuu's little brother, and the girls admit that even if he was dating, his girlfriend would never be his top priority.

Inomata glares at the girls in Class C.

Yamane brings up Inomata, as she and Ryuu are pretty friendly with each other. One of the girls notes that Inomata is definitely not a romance type. She continues to gossip about how Inomata only cares about studying when Ebizawa realizes that Inomata is walking past their classroom. He immediately tries to notify the girls, but Inomata glares at them.

Just then, Ryuu and Hayato, who are returning to the classroom, greet Inomata. Ryuu asks if she needs something from their class, which Inomata denies. She glares at the other girls, telling them that if they are going to engage in gossip, they should at least have the decency to close the door first. Inomata storms away as Saginuma goes up to the door, terrified by her atmosphere. Usokawa and Ebizawa also watch Inomata walk away.

Ryuu is shocked to see that he still has his apron on.

Ebizawa asks Ryuu why he is still waering his apron. Ryuu looks down and notices that he still has not taken off his club apron. He panics, saying that he had forgotten to take it off. Hayato was wondering why he had not taken it off and calls Ryuu absent-minded. Ryuu blushes as he tells Hayato to remind him next time. Hayato then points out that his butt is covered with stickers. He notes that it is impressive that Ryuu did not notice the children stick them onto him. Ryuu turns red and asks why he did not tell him earlier. He panics as he asks if he walked far with the stickers on him.

Kawata and Yamane fawn over Ryuu's cuteness and Hayato's attractiveness. Usokawa sticks a sticker on his forehead as he laments the complexity of girls' ranking systems, while Ebizawa confirms that they are based off looks. Meanwhile, at the daycare center, the children stick stickers onto a sleeping Usaida. Kirin sits to the side and admires her boar sticker.

Inomata blushes as she thinks about Ryuu.

As Inomata angrily walks away, she remembers what the girls had said about her. She regrets yelling at them since they were right that she is not the romance type. She pictures Ryuu as she blames him for appearing so suddenly. She asks herself why she gets so flustered when she looks at him. Inomata recalls that this is the reason why she cannot visit the children. She turns extremely red when she remembers that Ryuu had complimented her on Valentine's Day. She attempts to convince herself that Ryuu was only being polite and that it does not matter what he thinks of her.

Kirin begins to cry after being yelled at by Inomata.

Suddenly, a voice tells Inomata that her face is red. Inomata instinctively turns around and denies that her face is red. She turns to see Kirin and Kotaro, and Kirin begins to cry after being yelled at. Inomata asks what the two of them are doing here while Kirin cries and insists that her face is red. Inomata once again denies that her face is red while Kirin continues to sob.

Kotaro is shocked to hear that Inomata apparently hates his brother.

Inomata asks why the two children have been sent to get lost in the hallways and plans to take the two children back to the daycare center. Kirin smiles as she denies being lost. She informs Inomata that they left a note with Usaida. In the daycare center, Usaida looks at Kirin's incomprehensible note while Taka desperately searches for Kotaro. Kirin explains that the two had come to play with Inomata.

Kirin tells Kotaro about her plan to show Inomata Ryuu's good traits.

Inomata, touched, kneels down and tells them this is not a place to play and instructs them to return. Kirin begins to tear up and asks Inomata if she hates them because she never comes to play with them. Inomata turns red as she denies that she hates them. She blurts that she cannot come because of a certain boy, but she stops herself. Kirin asks if she is talking about Usaida or Hayato. Kirin gasps in fear as she wonders if Inomata hates Ryuu, which stuns Kotaro.

Inomata denies this, so Kirin asks if she likes Ryuu, which she also denies. Kirin tries to cheer up a depressed Kotaro and shares her plan to show Inomata all of Ryuu's good traits. Kirin holds Kotaro's hand as she runs away, asking Inomata to follow them.

The girls are touched by Ryuu's affection for Kotaro.

Inomata awkwardly squats next to the children outside of Ryuu's classroom as Kirin tells Kotaro to show off all of Ryuu's best points. Kotaro nods and opens the classroom door, attracting everyone's attention. Ryuu walks up to Kotaro, who holds out his arms and calls to him. Ryuu picks Kotaro up, and Kotaro hugs him. The female classmates are touched by such a cute scene. Ryuu asks Kotaro why he is here.

Hayato hits Kirin's head, causing her to cry.

Meanwhile, Kirin shows Inomata that Ryuu is very caring. Inomata admits that he is very kind, but he is over-indulgent. Kirin claims that she understands, saying that Inomata must like strict people. She runs into the room and tells Ryuu that if he does not hit her, she will be a bad girl. Ryuu, who is holding Kotaro, is confused, but Hayato immediately hits her. After hitting her, Hayato instructs the two to return to the daycare center. Kirin sobs and jumps into a shocked Ryuu's arms, stunned that Hayato hit her.

The class stares at Inomata.

Ryuu comforts Kirin as he tells Hayato that he should hear her out before hitting her. Hayato argues that he did hear her out, which is why he hit her. Kirin sniffles as she tells Ryuu that he has to be the one to hit her so that Inomata can make up with him.

Ryuu grabs Inomata's wrist.

Inomata slams the door open, insisting that she has seen enough. She explains that this is all a misunderstanding anyway. She says that she does not especially hate Ryuu, but when Kirin asks if she likes him, Inomata blushes and yells that she does not before angrily stomping away. Ryuu calls after Inomata, who yells at him to leave her alone. Ryuu hands Kirin over to Hayato as he runs after Inomata. He grabs onto Inomata's wrist, stunning her and his classmates, who are eagerly watching.

Ryuu points to a sticker that is on Inomata's skirt.

Ryuu smiles before informing Inomata that there is a sticker on her skirt. Sure enough, Inomata has a boar sticker on the back of her skirt. Ryuu explains that they also stuck stickers on him, and he felt really embarrassed. Kirin proudly tells Hayato that she was the one who put the sticker on her. Ryuu's classmates wonder if Ryuu is a total airhead.

Kirin tells Ryuu that she knows all of his good points, so he should not worry.

Inomata walks away and remembers Kirin's question about liking Ryuu. Inomata tells herself that if it was one or the other, she definitely hates him, but her hands and face are totally red.

At the daycare center, Kirin tells Ryuu that she knows what is good about Ryuu, so he does not have to be sad. Ryuu thanks her, and Usaida, who is lolling around, asks Kirin what is good about him, to which Kirin replies that Usaida is a bad person. The other children point to him and call him a bad person as well while Ryuu awkwardly laughs.

Act Two

Kousuke brings Takuma to the daycare center.

In the morning, Kotaro helps Ryuu sweep the floor. Kousuke, carrying Takuma, then arrives in sunglasses and a jacket and greets Ryuu and Kotaro. A cheery Takuma takes Kousuke's glasses as Ryuu asks why he is here by himself. Ryuu asks if Umi is with Kazuma, and Takuma explains that Kazuma has the cold.

Kazuma has the cold.

Kazuma reluctantly drinks medicine.

At home, Kazuma lies in bed and tearfully calls out for Takuma while Umi comforts him. She pats him and tells him that he needs to rest so he can get better soon and play with the others. She takes out some medicine and tells Kazuma that the sweet and yummy medicine will allow him to get better. Kazuma gasps in fear but quickly sips down the medicine. Umi applauds him while Kazuma cries for Takuma.

Takuma and Kotaro try on Kousuke's sunglasses.

Ryuu figures that Takuma and Kazuma must feel quite lonely today. Kousuke begins to cry when he thinks about how lonely the two of them must be. Takuma cheerily tells Ryuu to look at Kotaro, who is trying on Kousuke's sunglasses. Kousuke cries more, believing that Takuma is putting on a smile to hide how lonely he is, but Ryuu realizes that Takuma is acting normally.

Kazuma gasps when Takuma says that he is alright without his brother.

Usaida comes up behind Ryuu and bets 100 yen that Takuma is doing fine. He holds up a coin as Ryuu tells him not to come out from nowhere and read his thoughts. Takuma holds out his arms to Usaida's money, and Usaida asks Takuma if he is feeling lonely without Kazuma. Takuma thinks for a bit, but he smiles and says that he is alright. At the same time, Kazuma flinches in fear in his bed. Takuma holds out his thumb as he recalls that he promised his mother that he would have fun with both him and Kazuma so that Kazuma can get better more quickly.

Kousuke offers Usaida a prepaid card.

Ryuu reminds Takuma that he is supposed to swear with his pinky, not his thumb, while Kousuke jumps up and comments that Takuma is really brave. Usaida holds out his hand and asks for 100 yen for him and Ryuu. Ryuu tries to stop him, but Kousuke takes out a 500 yen prepaid card with his toothpaste advertisement on it. Usaida asks for his autograph so that he can sell the card for a mint, and Kousuke is rather flattered to give his autograph. Takuma takes out a marker and asks to sign too.

Takuma is distracted by Hayato's entrance.

Ryuu tells Kousuke that he should quickly go to work. Before leaving, Kousuke tells Ryuu and Usaida that even though Takuma seems fine now, he may start to feel lonely without Kazuma later. Takuma happily draws on Kotaro's face with the marker and giggles. Kousuke kneels down to Takuma to say goodbye, but Takuma is distracted when Hayato and Taka open the door. Takuma immediately grabs Kotaro and runs to Hayato.

Takuma waves goodbye to his father as he leaves.

Kousuke tears up when he sees that Takuma likes Hayato more than him. Ryuu panics as he calls Takuma over to say goodbye to his father. The children wave to Kousuke as he leaves, and Hayato notes that he looks like a shady character.

Takuma and Taka pull on Kotaro.

Takuma holds onto Kotaro's hand, which angers Taka, who pulls Kotaro to the other side. Ryuu, Hayato, and the other children watch as Takuma and Taka pull on Kotaro. Ryuu tries to calm them down, and Hayato quickly hits Taka on the head. Taka throws a tantrum on the floor, exclaiming that he is Kotaro's best friend. Ryuu explains that Kazuma is home with a cold.

The children decide to defeat Kazuma's cold together.

After hearing that Kazuma has a cold, Taka stands up and holds Takuma's hand, resolving to defeat the cold so that he will be alright. The children all band together so that they can beat Kazuma's cold. The children immediately run over to Usaida and attack him. Usaida asks Ryuu for help, but Ryuu and Hayato leave for class. Usaida lazily drops to the floor as the children all him weak.

Kazuma cries for Takuma.

As Ryuu and Hayato walk to class, Ryuu wonders if Takuma will be alright even though he looks cheerful now. Hayato figures that Kazuma must not be handling it well, as he has a cold and he does not have his brother. Ryuu admits that he is right, thinking that Kazuma must be crying right now. Sure enough, Kazuma sniffles as he holds onto his horse toy and calls for Takuma.

Ryuu reflects on the twins' personalities.

Ryuu reflects on the twins' differing personalities: Takuma is always cheery while Kazuma is always teary. During class, Ryuu zones out as he thinks about them. He accidentally mumbles "never want to be apart," causing Ushimaru to blush and wonder who he does not want to be apart from.

Takuma wakes up to see that Kazuma is not around.

As the children and Usaida have a nap, Takuma awakens. He fumbles around next to him and pulls of Taka's sock. He rubs his eyes and thinks about Kazuma as he holds Taka's sock. His eyes widen as he looks around for Kazuma. As Takuma gets up and leaves the daycare center, Taka's foot hits Kotaro's head, causing Kotaro to wake up. Kotaro gets up and sees Takuma leaving.

Kotaro hugs Ryuu when he sees him.

Ryuu runs towards the daycare center, wondering if Takuma is alright. He trips and falls when he suddenly sees Kotaro, who runs towards him and hugs him. Ryuu asks Kotaro if he has run outside all alone, and Kotaro points to the direction where Takuma is.

Takuma sits with the cat at the school gates.

At the school gates, two female students look at Takuma and the cat, fawning over how cute the two look. Takuma silently sits and stares at the cat as it walks away. He stands up when he sees Ryuu, who asks him why he is sitting here. Takuma asks Ryuu if Kazuma is better. Ryuu admits that he does not know, but he is sure that he is better, as they all worked hard to beat up the cold. Takuma looks down in silence, and Ryuu asks if he came here to wait for Kazuma. Takuma slowly nods.

Ryuu promises Takuma that he will have Usaida call in to see if Kazuma is better.

Ryuu smiles and promises Takuma that he will have Usaida call his mother and ask if Kazuma is better. Takuma holds out his thumb and asks if he promises, and Ryuu promises, telling Takuma that he should return to everyone. He also reminds him that promises are made with the pinky, not the thumb.

Takuma begins to cry when he sees Kazuma.

Kotaro looks over at the gates, and Umi tells Ryuu that she has already received a call. Ryuu turns to see Umi holding a teary Kazuma in her arms. Umi explains that Kazuma's fever is down, so they came to pick up Takuma. Kazuma cries as he reaches out to Takuma and cries his name. Takuma stares at his brother for a moment. He then falls back and begins to sob. Kazuma also tears up as Umi comforts Takuma.

Usaida sees that Kazuma is laughing while Takuma is crying.

Takuma and Kazuma wave goodbye.

Umi apologizes to Takuma as he sobs into her shirt. She tells him that he was brave, and Kazuma is better because he kept his promise. Usaida comes out with all the children, telling Ryuu to listen to all that crying. Ryuu asks if Usaida was the one who called Umi, and Usaida replies that Takuma had just been so patient. He looks at the twins and notes that this scene is the opposite of the usual: Takuma is crying and Kazuma is laughing. They all wave goodbye to the twins, who are holding hands. Ryuu figures that the two are better of with each other.

Kousuke comes to pick up Takuma, but he quickly realizes that he has arrived too late.

Later, Kousuke bursts into the room to pick up Takuma, but Usaida tells him that Takuma has already gone home, appalling Kousuke.

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