Yayoi Kumatsuka is the mother of Kirin and the wife of Kumatsuka Satoru. She teaches drama at Morinomiya Academy.

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Yayoi is taller than the other female teachers and has longer-than-shoulder-length-hair with straight bangs that cover her eyebrows. She has a signature trademark which involves frequently having a loose single strand of hair hanging in front of her face as well as a beauty mark beneath her left eye. She has both dark colored eyes and hair which causes her to have a ghostly aura, accompanied by her taste in dark clothing. However, despite her vacant expression, she is known to smile in a friendly manner from time to time as well as fulfill the role of a loving mother towards her daughter.

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Yayoi identically resembles her manga counterpart in a physical aspect, except with a few slight differences. When she first appears, her hair differs from the pitch black tone to a forest green color as well as showcasing grey eyes instead of the dark hue displayed in the manga.


Yayoi Drama Camp Mode

Yayoi demonstrates intense directing methods.

She is fairly quiet and soft-spoken, made especially obvious next to her more extroverted daughter and husband. Her incredibly calm composure tends to come off as eerie to Ryuuichi at times. Though she seems to be emotionless and cold, she shows incredible displays of emotion when she instructs the students in the drama club. This is especially prevalent during drama camps when there are upcoming events, where Yayoi's instruction is passionate and harsh. She demands nothing short of the best from her students, who both fear and respect her for it.

When it comes to her family, Yayoi is maternal and warm. She cares for Kirin and her husband Satoru very much and feels bad for leaving Kirin in Ryuuichi's care for a week. She is gentle and very close to her daughter.


She is dedicated to the drama club, leading to multiple attempts of persuading Ryuuichi and the rest to join. On one occasion, she hands over Kirin to the club for a week (with Ryuuichi responsible for her overnight care as well) because she needed to help her drama students practice for the Morinomiya Drama Festival.


Yayoi first met her husband Satoru when she was playing the lead role in a play while attending Morinomiya University. It is said by her classmates during this time that Yayoi was being scouted by movie directors to become an actress in films, though Yayoi wanted to pursue a career in education. Backstage, an acquaintance of Satoru took him to find a subject for his photography entry, in which Satoru began to berate Yayoi saying that her acting wasn't good at all that that other than the fact that she was " a little pretty" there was nothing special about her at all and began to flirt with other female members of the cast. Though troubled by his words, Yayoi performed for the three last days of the play and noticed that Satoru, on every one of those days, was in attendance in the back, watching. When he finally clapped for her at the end of her performance, Yayoi was so overcome with happiness that she began to smile, shocking Satoru and making him bashful in her presence. Sometime after, she ended up marrying Satoru and had their daughter Kirin.

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