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Main Characters

(Note: Surnames or family names are written first as in the anime)

The characters listed here are the main characters of the Gakuen Babysitters story, aside from the main protagonist, Kashima Ryuuichi. These characters are composed of the main children of the daycare, their parents who appear constantly in the manga, and the teenagers who partake in daily activities with the children.


Character Name Image First Appearance Description
Kashima Ryuuichi (♂)

Volume 1: Chapter 1

A high school student. After the death of his parents, he and his younger brother are adopted by the chairwoman. He cares for his brother and works at the school's daycare outside of lesson hours. He is considered likeable by the daycare children and practically everyone he meets.

Hayato Kamitani (♂)
Hayato Kamitani.jpg

Volume 1: Chapter 1

Ryuu's stoic classmate and fellow member of the Babysitting Club. The older brother of Taka, who calls him aniki (formal for "older brother").

Maria Inomata (♀)

Volume 1: Chapter 2

A serious student ranked 1st in the advanced class (1-A). She is a stickler for the rules and scolds students who go to school for purposes other than to study. Over the course of the series, she makes friends and becomes less strict towards herself and those around her.

Ushimaru Yuki (♀)
Ushimaru Yuki.jpg

Volume 5: Chapter 21

Ryuuichi's classmate with a secret crush on him. A member of the tennis club. She is unused to being around children and gets overwhelmed by them teasing her.

She becomes friends with Inomata (in part due to their mutual like for Ryuuichi).

Inui Hiroyuki (♂)

Volume 3: Chapter 11

An unfortunate 2nd year student introduced as in love with Yukari (Midori's mother). He gets over his crush only to fall in love with 'Inomata' who is Ryuuichi disguised as a girl.

He sometimes helps out Kotarou in disguise, causing the toddler to hero-worship his secret identity.

Nezu Chuukichi (♂)
Nezu Nakayoshi Chuukichi.jpg

Volume 4: Chapter 11

Tomoya's best friend and classmate in the advanced class (1-A), where he is ranked 2nd (to Inomata). He is considered very practically smart, as a result of coming from a poor background and having five siblings.

Yagi Tomoya (♂)
Yamahisa Tomoya.jpg

Volume 4: Chapter 11

Inomata's classmate in the advanced class (1-A) and best friends with Nezu. Breaks out into nosebleeds whenever he sees any of the children and is often declared a "pervert" for it. His happy demeanour hides his feelings of loneliness caused by his sister's busyness and parents' constant absence.


Character Name Image First Appearance Description
Kotarou Kashima (♂)
Kashimi Kotarou.jpg

Volume 1: Chapter 1

Ryuuichi's younger brother.

He's very attached to his older brother, as their parents' many trips left Ryuuichi to care for him.

He isn't very talkative, but his facial expressions can give away what he's feeling. He is very good friends with everyone in daycare.

Taka Kamitani (♂)
Kamatani Taka.jpg

Volume 1: Chapter 1

Hayato's bratty little brother and one of the children at the daycare. The son of science teacher Shizuka Kamitani and chemistry teacher Taizo Hebihara. Despite his confident nature, he actually cries easily. He is Kotarou's self-proclaimed best friend.

Kirin Kumatsuka (♀)
Kumatsuka Kirin.jpg

Volume 1: Chapter 1

The oldest girl in the daycare, Kirin is the daughter of the drama teacher, Yayoi Kumatsuka, and a freelance photographer, Satoru Kumatsuka. She's very sweet and friendly, but has a stubborn side that can cause her to argue with Hayato.
Takuma Mamizuka (♂)

Volume 1: Chapter 1

The older, energetic Mamizuka twin. A son of PE teacher Umi Mamizuka and actor Kousuke Mamizuka. He is cared for at the Babysitting Club.

Kazuma Mamizuka (♂)
Kazuma Mamizuka.jpg
Volume 1: Chapter 1

The younger, teary Mamizuka. twin. A son of PE teacher Umi Mamizuka and actor Kousuke Mamizuka. He is cared for at the Babysitting Club.

Sawatari Midori (♀)

Volume 1: Chapter 1

The only baby in the daycare and normally under Usaida's responsibility. The daughter of Yukari Sawatori, who works in the high school office, and Yutaka Sawatori, an archeologist.


Character Name Image First Appearance Description
Morinomiya Youko (♀)
Youko Morinomiya.png

Volume 1: Chapter 1

The school's stern but secretly caring chairwoman. Her son and daughter-in-law died on the same plane crash as the Kashima brothers' parents. Ryuuichi and Kotarou call her obaa-san or baa-san ("grandmother"), though she becomes angry whenever Kotarou calls her "fluffy" in reference to her hair.

Saikawa (♂)

Volume 1: Chapter 1

An employee of the chairwoman whom very little is known about. He is considered her butler, though his official job title is unknown, but also works as her secretary. He is quick to adapt to any situation (even if totally unprepared for it). He can be overly sincere, responding excessively to feedback.

Shizuka Kamitani (♀)
Kamatani Shizuka.jpg

Volume 1: Chapter 2

Taka and Hayato's mother. The middle school science teacher and formerly married to Taizo Hebihara.

Taizo Hebihara (♂)
Hebihara Yasuzou.jpg

Volume 5: Chapter 25

The infamously strict high school chemistry teacher and Taka and Hayato's father. Divorced from Shizuka.

Yayoi Kumatsuka (♀) Volume 1: Chapter 1

Official Debut—Volume 1: Chapter 3

Soft-spoken drama teacher and mother of Kirin, who enjoys dressing up Ryuuichi using drama department costumes. She is married to Satoru.

Kumatsuka Satoru (♂)
Kamatsuka Satoru.jpg

Volume 5: Chapter 24

Kirin's doting dad and a photographer. He is possessive of his daughter and paranoid that any boys near Kirin will take her from him. His dislike of men and boys being near his daughter forces the Babysitting Club members to dress up as girls.

Umi Mamizuka (♀)
Umi Mamizuka.jpg

Volume 1: Chapter 1

Official Debut—Volume 1: Chapter 5

A bubbly PE teacher and mother of the twins Takuma and Kazuma. Married to Kousuke.

Mamizuka Kousuke (♂)
Mamizuka Kousuke.jpg

Volume 1: Chapter 5

Married to Umi and father of the twins Takuma and Kazuma. A popular actor who is easily upset and frequently tears up. He is often put in a bad position when his performances have significant effects on his children's behaviour.

Sawatari Yukari (♀)
Yukari Sawatori.jpg

Volume 1: Chapter 1

Official Debut—Volume 3: Chapter 11

The kind mother of baby Midori and married to Yutaka. Works in the high school office as a receptionist.

Sawatari Yutaka (♂)
Sawatori Yutaka.jpg

Volume 3: Chapter 11

Father of Midori and married to Yukari. An archaeologist usually away for weeks on excavations, whose face is kept hidden through early appearances.

Usaida Yoshihito (♂)

Volume 1: Chapter 1

The sleepy daycare worker and only official employee at the Morinomiya daycare. Secretly an earnest and hard-working person.

Supporting Characters


Character Name Image First Appearance Description
Inui Mika (♀)
Inui Miki.png
Volume 7: Chapter 59 Inui's outspoken younger sister and a middle school student. She has a crush on Hayato, but is paralysed by the thought of actually meeting him.
Nekota (♀)
Volume 7:

Chapter 43

A second year student. A classmate of Inui and forced to listen to his rants about his unfortunate love life. In one chapter, she comes to the Babysitting club for help looking after her cousin.
Usokawa (♂)
Usokawa 2.png

Ryuuichi's classmate. He desperately wants a girlfriend and is often the most annoyed to see Yuki's attempts to woo Ryuuichi when he isn't so popular. He mostly serves as background comic relief until the day he asks to use the daycare children in a film project.

Nezu Shoukichi(♂)
The third eldest Nezu child, assumed to be in middle school due to his school uniform. Elder brother of the twins and younger brother of Chuukichi.


Character Name Image First Appearance Description
Nezu Suekichi (♂)
Nezu Miki Suekichi.jpg

The energetic Nezu twin. He is in his 3rd year of grade school and likes to play football with his brother.

Nezu Kichi (♂)
Nezu Yoshi Kichi.jpg

The frequently teary Nezu twin. He is in his 3rd year of grade school and likes to play football with his brother.

Nezu Kyouko (♀)
Nezu Kyouko.jpg

Chuukichi's younger sister and the only daughter of the Nezu family. She becomes friends with Kirin, returning to the Babysitting Club multiple times to play with the younger girl.

Tsugumi (♂)
Volume 4: Chapter 31 Hayato and Taka's mischievous little cousin. He was cared for at the daycare when his mother (Shizuka's sister) was ill.
Tamako (♀)
Volume 7: Chapter 65 Nekota's younger cousin. She has an intimidating appearance that scares the daycare children (and the club helpers) made worse by her dramatically pointing at people and saying nonsense words. She develops a possessive crush on Kotarou after he comes to her defence.


Character Name Image First Appearance Description
Ryuu and Kotarou's mother


Kashima mother.jpg
The mother of Ryuuichi and Kotarou. She dies alongside their father in a plane accident before the start of the series.

(She only appears in flashbacks and dreams).

Ryuu and Kotarou's father


Kashima father.jpg
The father of Ryuuichi and Koutarou. He dies alongside their mother in a plane accident before the start of the series.

(He only appears in flashbacks and dreams).

Obaa-san's Friend (♂)
Volume 6: Chapter 30 An old classmate of Morinomiya Youko who dotes over his grandchildren in a brief appearance.
Morinomiya Youichi (♂)
Morinomya Youichi.png
-- The deceased son of Morinomiya Youko who came up with the idea of the school daycare.
Kisakita Asahi(♂)
Kisakata Asahi.png
Volume 7:

Chapter 62

A bubbly young actor who works alongside Kousuke. He is melodramatic and a womaniser. He plays Justice Knight, the hero of the superhero show the children love.
Unryuu Kon (♀)
Unryuu Kon.png
A crafty old classmate of Youko. She is the owner of a hot spring resort and lets the Babysitting club stay for a night.
Yagi Kotone (♀)

Volume 7: Chapter 38

Tomoya's older sister and a lawyer. She cares for her brother and the two have a close relationship, which is why she often feels guilty for leaving him by himself.

Inomata Gorou (♂)
Inomata Gorou.jpg
Volume 11: Chapter 61 Maria's father. A stern-looking and overly serious man.
Inomata Kimie (♀)
Inomata Kimie.jpg
Volume 11: Chapter 61 Maria's mother. Concerned for her daughter and a polar opposite to her serious husband.
Nezu Daikichi(♂)
The eldest Nezu sibling, his hair is visibly shorter compared to the rest of his siblings. Known to destroy the things that he touches unintentionally.