Morinomiya Academy is a prestigous high school headed by the chairman Morinomiya Youko and attended by Ryuuichi and the other students.

The academy is active with a variety of clubs such as the cooking club, soccer club, drama club, baseball club and its newly formed babysitter club.

Uniquely, Morinomiya's Babysitting Club is formed as a daycare for the children of teachers and staff workers. The club was formed by the chairman's deceased son, Youichi, who also hired Morinomiya alumnus Usaida as its only official staff member.

Prior to Ryuuichi's entry to Morinomiya at the start of the series, no students were willing to join the club, seeing it as a thinly-veiled daycare. Ryuuichi himself only joins the club as a condition set by the chairman for her adopting him and his younger brother Kotarou, which has the benefit of allowing him to stay close to his little brother.

After Ryuuichi joins, he begins to connect and interact with the children at the daycare and helps them with their struggles. He befriends Kamitani who eventually joins the club, and befriends others such as Inomata, Yuki, Yagi, Inui and others who occasionally help care for the children as well.

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