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Nekota is a second year at Morinomiya Academy and a classmate of Inui's.


Nekota has semi-curly hair that she usually keeps tied in low pigtails. She wears makeup and curls her eyelashes.


Nekota is blunt and enjoys teasing Inui. She is quick to anger (whenever he irritates her).


Nekota frequently appears as a go-to for Inui seeking romantic advice. When he practices his confession for 'Inomata' (Ryuuichi in disguise) on her and asks how she feels about it 'as a girl', she is caught by surprise. Her flustered lack of rejection and unprompted comment that she is not ready to marry him suggests she is open to dating him, but she is left annoyed when he excitedly runs out of the classroom.[1]

Nekota is charged with caring for Tamako on behalf of her relative, Tamako's mum. Due to her inexperience with little kids, she turns to Inui for help with getting acquainted the Babysitting Club in the hopes that she and Tamako can spend the day there.[2]


  • Neko from Nekota, means "cat". A motif continued with her younger relative, cat-resembling Tamako.


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