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Nezu Daikichi is the eldest son of the Nezu family. He's known for destroying things (mostly unintentionally).


When he was still in school, Daikichi's appearance was virtually indistinguishable from the rest of his family. His eyes were often hidden by his long bangs.

By adulthood, Daikichi's hair became much shorter. His eyes are now visible at all times. Having always been above average in height, Daikichi is the tallest character in the present-day. He towers head and shoulders above high school students and most adults.


Daikichi is infamous for being destructively clumsy. He's always accidentally hitting his head on doorways and tripping over, often breaking something in the process. A major part of his family's impoverished circumstances are due to reimbursement sought out by people whose property Daikichi ruined. He is also noted to be an awful cook, as described by his family. The last time he tried to cook, the kitchen was left in shambles, with spilled flour, a cracked egg, and a broken plate.




Nezu Chuukichi

Daikichi has a close bond with Chuukichi, the only member of their family who shows him any respect. Though he doesn't overlook Daikichi's tendency to break things, Chuukichi once stated that he would get rich so that his brother would never have to worry about any debt incurred from his clumsiness. Daikichi was touched by this sentiment, and takes a vested interest in making any of the friends Chuukichi brings home feel like part of their family.[1]

Daikichi also play another, much more important role as Chuukichi's sole elder brother. Daikichi may be the only family member who realizes that even the dependable Chuukichi has limits. Ever since the incident when Chuukichi almost drowned as a toddler in the bathhouse, the normally carefree Daikichi worries about his brother pushing himself too hard. During such times, Daikichi will scold him for making others fret.[2]




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