Nezu Suekichi is the second youngest of six siblings. He is the younger brother of Nezu Chuukichi.

Appearance Edit

Suekichi is around the age of a third grader and has black hair like his siblings. He has long unkempt bangs that cover his forehead and eyes, and is identical to his twin brother, Kichi.

Personality Edit

Suekichi is the outgoing twin brother of Kichi. Suekichi has a natural talent for soccer and enjoys playing around with his brother. In a certain chapter, a girl falls in love with Suekichi and comes in between the twins as they bicker over her. In the end, the twins choose brotherhood instead and reunite. Like his twin brother, he respects and admires his older brother, Chuukichi a lot.

Family Edit

Suekichi is the second youngest in his family of six children. His siblings (listed oldest to youngest) are Daiki, Chuukichi, Shokichi, Kichi, Suekichi, and Kyouko.

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