Sawatori Yukari is a school secretary at the Morinomya Academy and is the mother of Midori, the only baby at the daycare.

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Yukari's a beautiful woman with thick brown hair kept clipped back with side-swept bangs. She's normally dressed in feminine clothing.

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Yukari has an easygoing and gentle personality, she's never seen in a bad mood throughout the series. Despite her husband's frequent traveling due to his work as an archaeologist, but she remains committed and loving to him despite his long absences.

She's good-natured and kind to both of the kids at the daycare and the students in the academy.

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Yukari has an infant daughter named Midori, and she's married to her archaeologist husband, Yutaka, who often travels to Turkey on long archaeological excavations. Her husband's absence caused Inui to falsely believe he was dead and combined with her gentle beauty, led him to fall in love with her. She was mildly upset with Usaida on a special occasion when Midori said her first word which referred to his name instead of "mama" or "papa". Nevertheless, she sees Usaida as a friend who once accompanied her to a maternity class in lieu of Yutaka, who was in Turkey at that time. She's curious about Usaida's love life due to his secrecy about it, and she tailed him to see if he's dating someone.

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