Taizo Hebihara is the father of Hayato and Taka Kamitani and the ex-husband of science teacher Shizuka Kamitani. He is the high school chemistry teacher at Morinomiya Academy.

Appearance Edit

Taizou has short, light colored hair that is parted in the middle and frames both sides of his face. He has narrow, slanted eyes with small irises. His expression is normally stern and expressionless (like his son Hayato), only changing when he is especially emotional.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be a cold and uncaring person, like his son Hayato. He is a very strict teacher, marking students as absent if they are too late or quiet to reply and forcing them to do work under harsh deadlines and during their free time. Even outside of his job, Taizou was considered to be very strict at home when raising his son Hayato and scolding his ex-wife Shizuka for Taka's wild and spoiled behavior. He is considered distant, as noted by Ryuuichi, causing Hayato to recount how he was told not to treat him like his father in school and even referring to his son only by his surname "Kamitani" in class.

However, it is shown that he has a very caring and fatherly side as well—sending Taka and Hayato anonymous presents for Christmas and generally spoiling Taka with gifts. [1], and giving advice to Hayato (at first, only after Ryuuichi's intervention.

History Edit

Taizou first met his now ex-wife Shizuka Kamitani when he was her teacher in high school. When Shizuka ended up in the school's health office after fainting because of her lack of nutrition and eating, Taizou strictly and sternly forced her to eat a bento lunch he actually made for himself, saying that he thought her lack of eating was due to her wanting to possibly lose weight. Shizuka, feeling guilty about eating his lunch, offered for him to share it with her, sparking her romantic interest in Taizou. At some point after in their lives, the two married and had their first born son Hayato, but they divorced shortly before their second born son Taka was born, leading Hayato to resent him and refer to him as only his "birth father" while Taka has yet to learn his identity.

Trivia Edit

  • He is known for his strictness, even being remembered for it by staff member and former student Usaida Yoshihito
  • Shizuka reveals to Ryuuichi that Taizou has a sweet tooth.[1]
  • Hebi from Hebihara, means "snake".

References Edit

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