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Takuma is the older twin brother of Kazuma Mamizuka and is the son of Umi and Kousuke.


Takuma has unkempt, blonde hair with rosy pink cheeks and light brown eyes. He is always seen with a big smile on his face and is well known for his mother's "eye smile". Takuma is identical to his twin Kazuma and is always seen hand in hand with his brother.


Takuma has a bright and adventurous personality which he inherited from his mother. He generally says whatever is on his mind which sometimes ends up hurting both his father and even his brother's feelings. Kazuma is often seen following his actions and words, and he often says that he is "okay as along as Kazuma is with him". Like his brother, he dotes on his mother, Umi, very much.

He also has a strong and playful streak, sometimes viewing Taka's aggression as a game and is rarely seen crying over a difficult situation. Out of all the children in the daycare, Takuma is the most difficult to frighten or upset. His cheerfulness is noted by his frequent giggling, which makes him friendly and cooperative to the other children.


Takuma is the older twin brother of Kazuma. He is the son of the school's P.E. teacher, Umi Mamizuka, and the famous actor, Mamizuka Kousuke.



Mamizuka Kazuma

Takuma often holds hands with his twin brother.

Takuma's closest relationship is with his twin brother. He and Kazuma dislike being kept apart from each other, and prolonged separations are enough to make even Takuma cry. Takuma is always going out of his way to take care of and please Kazuma as an older brother.

Kazuma tends to get scared of certain things that Takuma likes. This is most notable whenever the twins go to the beach or a pool. Kazuma is terrified of going in the water, while Takuma considers it one of his favorite summer pastimes. Their relationship gets strained during these activities, each one trying to convince the other to change his mind in an effort to maintain their bond.

Mamizuka Umi

Umi knows how to get Takuma to happily obey her.

In every sense, Takuma is his mother's child. He inherited his cheerful nature from Umi, and both often smile even when it seems inappropriate to do so. Takuma's happy-go-lucky attitude often makes him oblivious to the naughty things he does that upsets his mother, such as when he picks up and eats food that's fallen on the floor.[1] Most of the time though, Umi is able to persuade her headstrong son to behave without skipping a beat by making him feel responsible for the well-being of his father and brother.

Mamizuka Kousuke

Playing with his son is a rare treat for Kousuke.

Due to Kousuke's busy work schedule, Takuma mostly sees his father on television. Though Takuma often treats Kousuke like a stranger, happily oblivious to how some of his words to him are hurtful, he loves his father very much. He'll often want to take care of him the same way he takes care of Kazuma, which Kousuke finds very touching.[2] Unlike his brother, Takuma rarely tends to be afraid of his father after seeing him perform as an antagonist in TV shows and movies. The only exception to this was Kousuke's role of Boido in Absolute Knight JustiKnight, which scared both him and Kazuma. They eventually got over their fear with help from Kisakata Asahi (who played the titular hero), and came to think Boido was cool. This unfortunately didn't extend to Kousuke, who they still tend to see as a crybaby.[3]


  • Ma from Takuma's name, means "horse"
    • Takuma claims he wants to see zebras at the zoo, while Kazuma wants to see horses.[4]
    • When Usaida makes and gives out plushies to the children, Takuma and Kazuma receive matching horse dolls.[5]
  • In Taka's "Ranger Five" game, he and Kazuma are "Ranger Yellow."
  • Both Kazuma and Takuma's zodiac sign is Libra



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