Just curious as to who everyone's favourite characters—of the kids and in general.

My favourite is Kamitani—for obvious reasons, though I do find Inui hilarious (dude's such a confused tsundere it's hilarious).

Kotarou's probably my favourite of the kids, if Taka was a little less bratty, maybe him too.

In fact, the entire Kamitani family's pretty funny. I love Hayato and Taka's relationship (the rare displays of affection that remind you they do in fact love each other); and Hayato and his dad's relationship (they're too freaking similar) and his dad's personality is just hilarious; and Shizuka and Hebihara's relationship (I wish we could see more of them together, like the side story of their past together); and Taka and Hebihara's relationship—with Taka's dad just spoiling him rotten, but the best scene with them both is definitely when Taka runs away.

This was longer than I planned. Anyone agree? Disagree? Have their own favourite character(/scenes)?

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