Ushimaru Yuki is a student in Ryuuichi and Hayato Kamitani's class at Morinomiya Academy with a crush on Ryuuichi.

Appearance Edit

Yuki is a teenage girl below average height with a brown bob hairstyle. She is seen by the male classmates as a cute and endearing person.

Personality Edit

Yuki is a popular girl and tends to draw the attention of the male students because of her cute looks and gentle personality.

While she is kind-hearted and soft-spoken, she is also painfully shy and often gets embarrassed when interacting with her crush, Ryuuichi. She often gets confused and uneasy when dealing with small children.

History Edit

Ushimaru develops a crush on Ryuuichi, having seen his dedication towards taking care of his brother, Kotarou. However, Ryuuichi is seen as viewing her only as a normal girl contrary to the other male students in class. Her infatuation with Ryuuichi leads her to be acquainted with Maria Inomata who also shares the same feelings. Despite this, they hold no contempt for each other as outright rivals, and eventually go on to become close friends. Ushimaru teaches Inomata on social skills and the importance of forming a bond with her classmates.

Due to her negative experiences with children flipping her skirt or generally harassing her in the past, she initially has a phobia of interacting with the daycare children. With Inomata's prodding and persuasion, she agrees to try befriending the daycare children and is well-received by Kirin and the rest of them. She finds Kotarou to be well-behaved and surprisingly "cute" after walking with him for awhile, attributing it to his similarities with his brother whom she likes. However, things took a wrong turn as she overthinks the situation while Taka accidentally tugs on her skirt to wipe Kotaro's nose and Kirin gives her an innocent gift of bugs. She faints out of shock. Nevertheless, the children show up at the infirmary with wild flowers to apologize afterwards and she learns that their playfulness are in fact a way of getting to know her.

Trivia Edit

  • Ushi from Ushimaru, means "cow" or "ox".
  • Yuki is more tone deaf than Inomata, but she still wants to go for karaoke with her someday.[1]



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